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International Journal of Indian Science and Research

Year: 2023
Volume - 2, Issue - 4, April 2023
(Special Issue)

"Scientific Nature of Classical Tamil Minds"

Released at the Puducherry Word History Congress on 25.03.2023

at Pondicherry University 

 Part - I 

(Part - I consists 30 Nos. of Research  papers)

Chapter - 1

Title:             Petrological and Architectural Technology in the Megaliths of Pudukottai

Author :       Dr. J. Raja Mohamed, Director, Centre For Islamic Tamil Cultural Research, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirapalli. 

Pages:  33 - 39                                        Download  

Chapter - 2

Title:              Sangam age Brick-Structures at Pumphuar:  WHARE? or water lifting DEVICE?

Author:        Dr. N. Athiyaman, Professor, Dept. of Maritime History and Marine Archaeology,  Tamil University, Thanjavur - 613 010, email:

Pages:  40  - 46                                      Download  

Chapter - 3

Title:              Science in Sangam Literature and Archaeological Discoveries                                                                         [B.C.E. 3rd Cent To C.E 6th  Cent]

Author :       Dr. J. Soundararajan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ancient History & Archaeology, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai – 600 005. India. E.mail:

Pages:    47 - 57                                       Download  

Chapter - 4

Title:              Ancient Science and Technology - A Study

Author:        Dr. T. Ganesan, Assistant Professor,  Dept. of History (Retd) 5, Malligaipuram, Giri Road, Srinvasapuram, Thanjavur - 613009.

Pages:   58 -60                                       Download  

Chapter - 5

Title:             Industry and Foreign Trade of Ancient Tamilakam

Author:       Dr. A. Renuka, Principal, Government Arts College, Komarapalayam, Namakkal- 638183.

Pages:      61 -65                                       Download  

Chapter - 6

Title:             Science For Life: Rituals and Beyond

Author:        Dr. A. Thennarasu, Head & Associate Professor of History,  Govt. Arts College (Autonomous), Salem - 636 007

Pages:  66 - 70                                        Download  

Chapter - 7

Title:             Science in Sangam Literature

Author:        Dr. O.T. Poongodi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Govt. Arts College, Kumarapalayam, Tamil Nadu, India.

Pages:   71 - 74                                         Download  

Chapter - 8

Title:             Sea Level Rise in the Sangam Literature


Author:       Dr. S. Kamala Devi, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Queen Mary‘s College, Chennai

Pages:    75 - 83                                     Download  

Chapter - 9

Title:            Ancient Coins in Tamil Nadu

Author:       Dr. P. Panaliammal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Govt. Arts College, Salem-7

Pages:    84 - 89                                     Download  

Chapter - 10 

Title:             The Textile Technology of the Tamils

Author:       Dr. S.Ravichandran, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Periyar University Salem - 11

Pages:   90 - 94                                       Download  

Chapter - 11

Title:              Eco-Zones in Sangam Literature


Author:        Dr. A. Muthukumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Thiruvalluvar Government Arts College, Rasipuram - 637 401. Email:

Pages:     95 - 97                                      Download  

Chapter - 12

Title:             Water Resource Management in Sangam Literature 

Author:        Dr.  J. Stella, Ph.D., D.Litt., (Former Principal of CECC (Govt. of TN), Chennai), Assistant Prof., Dept. .of Historical Studies, Quaid e Millath Govt. College for Women, Chennai-2. Email:,

Pages:    98 - 109                                     Download  

Chapter - 13

Title:             System of Astronomical Concepts of Ancient Tamils 

Author:       Dr. P. Duraisamy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Thiruvaluvar Govt. Arts College, Rasipuram - 637401


Pages:     110 - 117                                      Download  

Chapter - 14

Title:             Bhulangurichi Cursive Inscription in History  (Tamil)

Author:        D. Bharathi, Assistant Professor, P.G., & Research Department  (History), Manner Duraisingam Govt. Govt. Arts College, Sivakangai - 630 561

Pages:    118 - 121                                      Download  

Chapter - 15

Title:             Science in Tamil Grammar Literature (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. Achuthan, Assistant Professor, Tamil Department, Govt. Arts College, Selam

Pages:       122 - 128                                 Download  

Chapter - 16


Title:             Scientific Thought in Thirukkural (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. P. Prakash, Assistant Professor, and Head, Public Administration Department, Thiruvalluvar Arts College, Rasipuram, T.N.

Pages:    129 - 131                                    Download  

Chapter - 17

Title:              Science in Sangha Literary (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. P. Tamilselvi, Assistant Professor, History Department, Kanthasamy Gaundar College, Vellur, Tamil Nadu,  and

                      Dr. L. Thangaraj, Assistant Professor, Tamil Department, Kanthasamy Gaundar College, Vellur, Tamil Nadu 


Pages:     132 - 136                                   Download  

Chapter - 18

Title:              Evidence of Engineering Technology of Ancient Tamils - Architecture (Tamil)  

Author :       Prof. V. Gunasekaran, Associate Professor, Allagappa Arts College, Allagappa University, Karaikudi, T.N.

Pages:      137  - 140                                 Download  

Chapter - 19

Title:              Versatile Science and Technology of Ancient Tamils (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. J. Premalatha, Associate Professor, Tamil Department, Govt. Arts College, Selam - 7

Pages:     141 - 150                                     Download  

Chapter - 20

Title:              Sandstone Art in the Sanga Period - A study (Tamil)

Author :       Prof. M. Rajasekara Thangamani, No.  9/ 488, Pandiyan Nagar, Karur - 1, Tamil Nadu

Pages:   151 - 156                                       Download  

Chapter - 21

Title:              Technical Development in the Coin for the Period of Pandiya (Tamil) 

Author:         Dr. Perumalsamy,  Assistant ProfessorHistory Department, Govt. Arts College, Selam - 636 007.


Pages:   157 - 161                                       Download  

Chapter - 22

Title:              Science in Sangam Internal Literature (Tamil)

Author:         Dr. K. Kumaravel,  Assistant Professor, Dept. History,  College of the Bharathidasan University, Kurumbalur, Perambalur District, T.N.

Pages:     162 - 166                                           Download  

Chapter - 23

Title:             Scientific Thought in Tamil Literature (Tamil)

Author:       Dr. S. Amudha, Assistant Professor, Economic Department, Thiruvalluvar Arts College, Rasipuram, Namakal, Tamil Nadu 

Pages:     167 - 170                                  Download  

Chapter - 24

Title:             Tamil Literary Writers as  Pioneers of Science (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. A. Veeramuthu, Assistant Professor, Political Science Dept.,, Thiruvalluvar Govt. Arts College, Rasipuram, Namagal District, T.N.

Pages:     171 - 174                                     Download  

Chapter - 25

Title:            Science of Flood Canal Water Utilization in the Ancient Tamil Literature (Tamil) 

Author:       Dr. T. Indhirani, Assistant Professor, P.G. & Research Department of  History, Thiruvalluvar Govt. Arts College, Rasipuram, Namagal District, T.N. - 637 401.

Pages:     175 - 179                                  Download  

Chapter - 26

Title:            Temple Architecture Technology of Ancient Tamils (tamil)

Author:      Dr. T Raja, Assistant Professor, P. G. Department of History,  Arignar Anna Govt. Arts College, Athur, Selam District, Tamil Nadu

Pages:   180 - 183                                  Download  

Chapter - 27

Title:             Scientific Techniques of Ancient Tamils (Tamil)

Author:        Prof. A. Vijiya, Associate Professor, Head of Dept., History Dept., Kanthasami      Goundar Arts College, Velour - 638 182, T.N


Pages:     184 - 189                                  Download  

Chapter - 28

Title:              Communication Science in Ancient Tamil Literature (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. J. Vasudevan, Assistant Professor, Research Department of History, Thiruvalluvar Govt. Arts College, Rasipuram, Namakal - 637 401, Tamil Nadu

Pages:    190 - 194                                   Download  

Chapter - 29

Title:              Multidisciplinary Science and Technology in the Ancient Tamil Inscriptions


Author:        Dr. P. Pragash, Assistant Professor, P. G. and Research Department of History, Thiruvalluvar Govt Arts College, Rasipuram, Namakal District, Tamil Nadu.

Pages:   195 - 199                                   Download  

Chapter - 30

Title:             Irrigation Technology in Ancient Tamil Literature (Tamil)

Author:        Dr. R, Pandiyan, Assistant Professor, P. G. and Research Department of History, Thiruvalluvar Govt Arts College, Rasipuram, Namakal District, Tamil Nadu

Pages:   200 - 204                                  Download  

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