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Ethical Violations

Procedure for Dealing with Allegations of Unethical Conduct


       The IJISR Journal upholds strong ethical values and a good code of conduct. If anyone finds any unethical behaviour or misconduct of any member associated with the Journal, they can bring the matter to the notice of the Journal authorities.

      If the complaint is made with proper evidence, every step will be taken for a thorough and fair probe into the matter. All the rights of both the alleged defaulter and the complainant will be respected. The accused will be given the opportunity to explain his/her side. Strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process of investigation. Decisions will be taken by the publishers in proper consultation with experts.


Investigation Outcome


          If the misconduct is proved, then a due course of action will be followed:

  • The individual will be notified about it.

  • Information pertaining to the unethical behaviour of the author if proved, the same may be released on appropriate pages of the journal.   This is done to alert other journals about this author's unethical practice. A notice would also be sent to the author's affiliating institute/university for their action.

  • If need be, a warning notice will be issued and the expected code of behaviour will be reminded once again

  • If misconduct is severe in nature, the higher authorities of the defaulter will be informed.

  • Action will be taken according to the nature of the misconduct and the severity of the same.

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