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Author Guidelines & Journal Responsibility

Authors' Guidelines


        A similar guarantee of confidentiality is expected from the authors also. The author should not release a paper or any part of the paper or the key findings of the study to the press or for public access before publication and if so, they need to cite that the full paper is under the press of our journal. From the time of submission till the time of rejection/publication in case of acceptance, the author should avoid sharing the details of the manuscript with the public or the press. But if in any case, any information regarding the manuscript (research findings or the content of the manuscript in part or full) is shared by the author in the form of an interview with to press or any other form of oral or written communication (in website/forum/blog) it should be withheld from publication until the Press Embargo date.


        If this rule is not adhered to then it will be treated as a violation of the Journal’s embargo policy. These rules of this policy will be in vogue till the embargo is lifted and an “Early version View/forthcoming issue listing” is published. The authors can discuss with their peers but should not do this to the extent that complete or part of the unpublished manuscript is published in the media or public access before the date of full manuscript publishing by our journal. This embargo restriction will be lifted only after the publication of the manuscript in the IJISR Journal and thereafter the author can post it anywhere but only after due citation requirements are fulfilled.


Responsibilities of the Journals


        In order to ensure that there is no unwarranted access to all manuscripts that are submitted to the IJISR Journal, we follow a strict embargo policy. The press or public will not have access to the manuscripts until they are published. All possible measures will be taken to make sure that the reviewer honors their promise of confidentiality.  IJISR will not take the responsibility for any breach of confidentiality either by the reviewer, editorial board member or the corresponding author towards the publishing of the manuscript until it gets published in our journal but necessary action will be initiated against that party.


         If a manuscript is released for public access or to the press before its publication by a breach of confidentiality, the Journal may not publish even an accepted manuscript. But the manuscript can be presented at the conference or seminars but proper citations or references should be cited in our journal. We support and encourage discussion of the particular manuscript among the scientists or researcher or news media until the embargo period but care should be taken by the author not to reveal complete data or the complete manuscript or any other activity which hamper our journal citation of that manuscript or any purported reason of publishing in our journal.  If the Journal chooses to make a press release or any other publicity, the information will be given to the authors concerned. And the details regarding the authors will also be shared with the press personnel or publicly displayed. If any litigation or unethical practice is made by the author, IJISR has the right to publish the unethical practice along with the details of the author etc.


Responsibilities of media and public


         The media is expected to follow the ethical procedures of the press and refrain from publishing any material before the time for lifting of embargo rules.


         In case a material is shared to seek expert advice it should still be considered bound by the rules of the Journal’s embargo policy. And any dishonoring even by third parties will be considered an offence.

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