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International Journal of
Indian Science and Research

About IJISR 
International, Online, and Monthly 
Referred and Indexed Journal

             The International Journal of Indian Science and Research is a global magazine. This journal was created entirely for research. through this journal, even a simple researcher can add their research paper to the world. This journal is online and serves as a platform to bring together everything from small research to large research, among people around the world.

          Every researcher can publish their newly created research articles and research paper in this global journal. It will serve as a platform for people to learn about their research and operational potential through them. This journal is a global magazine that can be published online every month.

           All research articles, any related articles, and research papers published in this journal are regularly peer-reviewed and published.  The plagiarism checks on a manuscript should be taken even before the peer-review process.  Leading researchers worldwide have consisted of the peer-reviewed committee. All entries sent to this journal for publication are immediately forwarded to the peer-reviewed committee and the Editorial Board. The research paper will be published within three days of that month online, immediately after the approval of the majority of the peer-reviewed Committee and Editorial Board.

​        The first objective of this journal is to bring to the world scientific research and related technology, medicine and management, and related research in the world. It serves as a platform to bring together Arts, Science, and Research related to global Science to the world.  Every research is not completed without the appropriate research journals. Because the weight and flaws of each research are carried by all kinds of people and are subject to their critique. That way the research paper can be considered face-to-face.


        Furthermore, it serves as a place for every researcher to publish their actual and original research papers in this International Journal for Indian Science and Research.  It is created to promote the Arts, science, and research, and publishes research papers, articles, and ideas on science, technology, mathematics, medicine, management, and related interdisciplinary research related to science, Arts, Engineering, and Research.


           Every researcher in India and globally can use this journal to publish their new works and research. They will be duly peer-reviewed and checked for plagiarism and published and approved by the Editorial Board within a week period of that month's issue online. This journal will be duly published with the ISSN online.  It is open accessible and Multidisciplinary subject Journal. 

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