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             Features and Benefits Provided by IJISR Publications


       Authors who are considering IJISR Publications for publishing their next manuscript should take a look at the following features and benefits that IJISR Publications offers to their valuable authors and researchers:


Free Publication Certificates:

          IJISR Publications also offers free soft copies of publication certificates to all authors separately. IJISR offers a very simple paper submission process, allowing its authors to focus on their research work rather than dealing with a difficult paper submission process.

The Distinct Editorial Board: 

            A highly qualified board of editors, advisory panel, and reviewers all contribute their time and effort to broaden the scope of the research work.

Open to Worldwide Access: 

         Open Access publication at the lowest possible cost with the same strong support for authors. Open access articles are the most likely to be read and cited across the world.

Review Process: 

             Due to the strong reviewer panel, after submission of a manuscript, the review process takes only a maximum of 2-3 days.


         All the journals are indexed in various approved lists of journals, Thomson Reuters Research, Google Scholar, European Libraries, and many more national and international libraries, which greatly expands the scope and citations of all the papers published in our journals.

Affordable Cost 

             IJISR Publications cares more about maintaining the best quality at the lowest possible cost with the highest possible world-wide access.

Publishing Process

             IJISR Publications follows a very easy and fast publishing process. As soon as the accepted paper is registered with the requisite fees, the paper is uploaded into the current issue of the respective journal.


High Visibility

            IJISR publications are indexed in and highly visible in many libraries across the world and online, and are more likely to be read, researched, and cited.

Copy Editing: 

          IJISR Publications offers the top level of copy and content editing, ensuring articles are excellent and meet the top academic standards. Unlike many other publishers who reject at first glance, we judge not the initial presentation but the quality of research.

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