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Copyright policy   


          The copyright of all the manuscripts published by the IJISR Journal are retained by the IJISR journal. The copyright transfer and Agreement Forms submitted by the authors will vouch that all the publications are original works of the respective authors, unpublished/not considered for publication elsewhere.

         The complete copyright transfer and agreement form (CTA) can be accessed from the link clicked here some of the features of the CTA are:

  1. The author transfers the copyright of the submitting manuscript to the journal. He/She is free to use their published manuscript with appropriate citation to our journal without any commercial interest. If any commercial gain exists, the author or any other parties need to get written permission to use the same.

  2. The Conflict of Interest and/or Financial Disclosure should be mentioned in the manuscript. The latter is to declare any financial assistance received from any institution or organization for the conduct of the research.

  3. All articles published in IJISR Journals are open-access articles, published and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons License International Journal of Indian Science and Research © 2022 by International online Publication is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which permits reproduction, distribution, derivation and non-commercial use, provided the original work is properly cited and authors and publisher are properly identified. The details of the Creative Commons Attribution license can be obtained from the link

  4. Authors and co-authors are bound to abide by all rules and regulations which include amended rules then and there without any conditions or restrictions. At any time either during the process or after publishing if IJISR confirms the unethical practice suitable necessary action would be executed.

  5. All manuscripts would be subjected to double-blind peer review by anonymous 2-3 reviewers.

Consent for Copyrighted Material


       If authors want to use any content, that are already been published or will be published elsewhere, they should acknowledge or cite the source of such material. If any permission needed for this reproduction, it is the author's responsibility to obtain all permissions prior to publication. This also includes author's own previously published material, even if authors are not the copyright holder. It is the author's responsibility to pay any fees associated with publishing data from another source.

         As IJISR screens manuscripts for plagiarism using the available softwares during the processing of manuscript, there are lot of chances for detecting those materials for any further action. So authors are requested to be aware of this and execute this with much more attention and seriously.

        The author should retain a written consent from a patient if the author finds it essential to use information like name, address, medical history, clinical findings, and reports of investigations etc, of the patient in the manuscript for the purpose of research.

      Copyrighted material can be reproduced, if required by the author, on getting written permission from the copyright owner, and submitting it along with the Copyright Assignment Form.

Digital Preservation Policy


      The manuscript published by IJISR Journals is in electronic format. The manuscripts and journals are published online without any print edition (Print version if published in future would be mentioned on our journal web page). The Policy for digital content preservation is as follows and the policy will be reviewed and adapted to available technologies at regular intervals.

  1. The Published full text of the manuscript would be available in PDF format.

  2. Achieving the earlier issues will be made on the respective web pages.

  3. All our electronic content (websites, journals, manuscripts etc.) is stored by our publisher with their designated servers and a suitable backup is made for the safety of the content if any mishap such as hacking etc happens on three different servers. Content on one server is online and accessible to the readers. The copy of the same live content is kept as a backup on two other servers. In case of failure of one server, any one of the other servers can be made online and all websites and journals will be live within less than 24-36 hours.

  4. With the author and readers' support, we will continue to publish all our journals for a very long time. If due to some rare, unfortunate circumstances we are forced to stop publishing a journal, the manuscripts published in that journal will be perpetually kept online and accessible to the readers as possible.



         If the journal stops publishing, the journal domain, the website and all the content will be kept in their original form for a period of 10 years. After 10 years the content will be moved to another archive created thereof — IJISR Full Archive — where it will be kept online and publicly accessible. This archive would be created to preserve all the digital content (especially published manuscripts) perpetually

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