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International Journal of Indian Science and Research

Year: 2022
Volume -1, Issue -5, November 2022


Article - 1:   Volume-1, Issue-5, November 2022.

Title Name: 

Discussed the components of Techno-Economic via way of means of the use of mechanisms and modulation withinside the Power Generation from Agri waste merchandise at the floor of India

Author Name:   Dr. Badhai Lonia, and Er. K. Aswini

Pages:   01 - 11

DOI:   10.5281/zenodo.7320938                      ABSTRACT                                      Download Full Article


Article - 2:   Volume-1, Issue-5, November 2022.

Title Name:

Concise debate on the consequence of the Petroleum Ether mine of the Alovevera Gel in the PCOS mold

Author Name:   Radha Maharjan

Pages:   12 - 23

DOI:   10.5281/zenodo.7330741                       ABSTRACT                                       Download Full Article


Article - 3:   Volume-1, Issue-5, November 2022.

Title Name:

A study on the impact of reliable analysis-support learning on thermal physics education with the examination of the achievement in the physics classroom

Author Name:   Dr. Flavian Brian Fernandez

Pages:   24 - 34

DOI:   10.5281/zenodo.7372080                       ABSTRACT                                       Download Full Article


Article - 4:   Volume-1, Issue-5,  November 2022.

Title Name:

Role of the dimensionality balance of different computational tools used for compression analysis in an integrated approach

Author Name:   Dr Andrew Hayes

Pages:  35 - 43

DOI:   10.5281/zenodo.7375423                       ABSTRACT                                     Download Full Article


Article - 5:   Volume-1, Issue-5,  November 2022.

Title Name:

Discussion about the engagement and trust in science on the subject of communication of space science on Social Media like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc

Author Name:   Dr. Yi Ling Hwong

Pages:  44 - 54

DOI:   10.5281/zenodo.7382153                       ABSTRACT                                     Download Full Article


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