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International Journal of
Indian Science and Research

(Online - Monthly - Multidisciplinary Subject)
ISSN: 2583-4584
Volume - 1, Issue -3, September 2022

The Social and Psychological Behaviors of Adolescents of Social Media Users

(Article - 5, Volume -1, Issue -3, September 2022, Pages 49- 56)




Dr.P. Rajendran (1), and Er. K. Aswini



(1)  Former Head & Coordinator, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication/Law, DDE, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai - 625 021

(2)  Bio Medical Engineer, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry


                 Social media, a virtual form of interaction, having the qualities of real, connects the users for sharing and broadcasting the views in online. As the media is a tool, its success mostly depends upon how the users use pictures and messages which are interesting to them. Today the social media mostly useful to the adolescents for creating awareness on political and cultural issues, world happenings, giving chance to expand social relationship, making social confidence, heightening literacy, using to get social support from online friends, helping to develop their motor skills and co-ordination, etc. The negative influence of the social media is influencing violence where adolescents unable to distinguish the reality and fantasy, lead to irresponsible sexual behavior, fall prey to the idea of commercialization of happiness, diverting the mind from concentrating from their study, etc. This study mainly concentrates on how the social media affects the social and psychological behaviors of adolescents especially the users who are having different social and cultural backgrounds. The data for the study is collected from the social media network adolescents users especially from Tamilnadu, India along with the reference materials connected to the study

Key Words   


social media,  psychological behaviors,  Gender, heart failure, and  irresponsible sexual behavior

DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.7109396

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